Detective Scrapbooking

Sometimes, I think I’m a little too much of a perfectionist.

Today, I was scrapbooking a conference I went to my senior year of high school. I had a picture of the group I spent the whole week with. Too bad I only remembered one name.

I like to label pictures with names because I know I will most likely forget them. But I was too late! They were gone.

Time to do some detective work. I knew I had typed up some names and addresses but that was on a hard drive somewhere. So I decided to look through my digital photos and see if I had labeled other pics. I had, but I were still missing a one name. (I had somehow labeled 2 people with the same name. And it was not a common name. It was wrong) Guess it’s time to get out the hard drive. I searched for the one name I remembered – and found the file! It didn’t have all the last names, but enough that I could at least label first names! [PS this is why I love that I have all my “not-saved-on-my-computer” files on one external hard drive!  I only have 2 places to look.]

I spent way too much time on this… But the lesson is, sometimes, it takes a little digging (or asking around) to see if anyone knows what a picture is all about! Because I have the memory of a goldfish, I have to do so quite frequently. I’m glad I learned early on to label, label, label (for the most part).

Check out this cool site I found about labeling digital photos: It explains how to do it in a number of different programs.

I once had a cool site about using metadata and how this photographer used it to digitally journal about her photos. I thought I bookmarked it and searched to no avail. WAIT. I did a google search and actually found it!


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