Printing Your Digital Photos Using Picasa (or other ways)

Step1: Figure out your game plan

I have picasa – free photo editor by google.  LOVE.  Maybe I’ll eventually do a post about why I love Picasa.  But for now, check it out here or download it here.

I’ll include another option at the end of this, for if you do not want to use Picasa.

Step2: Selecting your photos

Option1: You could go through and “star” the pictures you want to print.

Then you can go to the album called “Starred photos”

And there are all the pictures you want to print!  And you have your favorites saved for other times!

Option2: This is the option I have used, just because I use starred photos for all my favorites – but I don’t always want to print those.  I create an album (as you can see above) called “Em’s Scrapbook 1” (number them!  It will help!)  Because I also print pictures for my parents’ scrapbooks, I select pictures for both albums at the same time.

You right click on the picture you want to select, and hover over “Add to Album” and then again on your chosen album.  You can select multiple photos by holding the control key (command on mac) as you click on the photos.  Easy peasy.  Just make sure you don’t try to do too many at once – sometimes it deselects when you click in just the wrong spot. I learned that the hard way.

Option 3 (without Picasa):

You can also COPY (do not cut, you do not want to move) the photos you want to print into a new folder.  Just highlight the photos you want (and again, you can select multiple photos by holding the control key (command on mac) as you click on the photos.), and then copy them using control+C (command+c on a mac) and paste them into a new folder.  I typically title it something like “For Family Scrapbook – delete later.”

Step3: Organizing your selected photos

Make sure you right click at the top of whichever album you choose, and either sort by name or by date taken.  I have my photos named by their date (2011-09-12).  That way when  they are sorted by name, they go into chronological order.  Even if they were taken with a camera that has the wrong date.)    So, I sort them by name.  But you can also sort them by date.

Step4: Deciding when to print your photos

After I’ve selected all my pictures, I DO NOT print them right away!  You can, but here is what I do.

I ONLY order when there’s a deal.  (I used to order otherwise – Sam’s is pretty inexpensive if you or someone you know has an account) But Snapfish tends to have good sales.

I watch for sales & deals (using – I think you can have them send e-mails to you) and just order however many I need to get them super cheap!  So recently, I got some for 9 cents each (calculated with shipping) – but I could only order 20.  So I just ordered 20.  Then, there 200 for  7cents each!!! So I ordered some of those for my scrapbook, and helped my mom order 200 for her scrapbook as well.  And now, all my pictures are printed!

After I ordered 20, I still had some that hadn’t gotten printed.  So I just highlighted the ones that I had not printed, and moved them to a new album (Em’s Scrapbook 2).  Then I didn’t double print photos I already had.

Step5: Printing your photos from Picasa

See the little button on the bottom that says “Shop”?  So easy!  Just select the album or photos, and make sure they are in the tray on the bottom left of the screen.

Then, click “Shop”  [UPDATE: If you DON’T see this button (it disappeared when I updated), go to Tools –> Configure Buttons –> Shop; then select the arrow to move it over and it will add to your buttons at the bottom.

And something like this pops up

You can choose from even more than I show here!  Lots of different ways.

If your chosen photo provider is not on the list, here is how you create a folder from an album or selected photos in Picasa:

You select your photos so that they show up in your tray and click:

And just follow the directions!  Then, you can follow the directions on your chosen photo provider’s site to get them uploaded and printed.

There ya go!  That’s my method for printing photos.  Hope it helps!


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