Homemade Reusable Disinfectant Wipes

**Update 4/12/2012

I was looking at one of the blogs I got ideas from, and I found A Word of Caution about Vinegar and Castille Soap.   SO, I am going to try this version on Living on a Dime.

Original Post:

I LOVE using Clorox wipes and DREAD the kitchen sponge for counter cleaning.  I am not a fan of reusing a wet rag to wipe the counters.  I assume the germs and bacteria multiply, even if the rag dries (which it rarely does).

So, when I saw a post by Live Renewed (and a few other bloggers who tried it as well, like Life is Nothing Without Him and One Good Thing) about making reusable disinfectant wipes, I knew I had to try it!

I also found this version on Living on a Dime – she uses rubbing alcohol, claiming it is more disinfecting.  However, I believe vinegar and tea tree oil to be disinfecting enough.   BUT here’s what I did…


I got out a 2 cup measuring cup and poured in approximately:

1 c. water (warm it up before adding the rest)

3/4 c. vinegar (disinfectant)

a few drops of tea tree oil* (disinfectant)

castile soap** (extra cleaning power)

Old T-shirts to make your “wipes” – I collected a few white and gray t-shirts from my family members and cut them into wipe sized rectangles and squares.  I just used as much of the shirts as I could; I did not care if they were all exactly the same size.  I used 2 shirts (maybe 3) and got more than 30 rectangles!

Now, put all those wipes in a container that has a decent seal.  You want something that won’t allow your wipes to dry out. You could use an old baby wipes box.  I found a large peanut butter jar in my “to reuse” pile of containers.  I didn’t fold them.  That’s a little too much effort for me :).

Pour just enough mixture over the cloths to get them a little moist – you don’t want them soaking wet.  Put the remainder in an empty water bottle so you can use it next time (I only had a few tablespoons left.)

When you’re done with a wipe, just toss it in the laundry!  Easy peasy, better for the environment, less costly, less toxic, and BAM – DIY!

*Tea tree oil:  2 fl. oz. at Wal-mart in the Supplements/Vitamins section for $7.96.  It was about the same at Target.

**Castile soap: Target had 16 oz for about $11 and 32 oz. for $17 near the make-up section.  My Target also had tea tree oil, unscented(only 32 oz), and lavender.  I don’t really like lavender so I bought peppermint.   GNC/Vitamine Shoppe supposedly has citrus, but it was more expensive (at least online).

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