Girls’ Crafting Day: Coasters

Here are the coaster my girlfriends and I made today! (excuse the shower curtain liner – it’s my floor liner!)

Super cheap!  The coasters were $.10 each (at Lowes)!  I bought a set of sticky felt dots for about $3.  We didn’t use much paint or mod-podge.  And I had TONS of paper (although it was an excuse to buy more…)  So it cost about $10 to make 4 sets!!! AND they are custom and ADORABLE!

Aren’t they CUTE! 🙂





UPDATE 6/28/2012:

I made birthday gifts for my dad using photos of my family.  I cut the photos slightly smaller than the tile, put plenty of mod podge on top, and sprayed them.  Just like I did for above!

Here’s some of the tutorials I looked at:

Scrapbook Paper coasters!  This is the one I ended up following.

A few notes:

I had a hard time finding the correct spray.  I ended up buying Indoor/Outdoor clear sealant.  We’ll see how it holds up!

If using paper, don’t forget the step of mod-podge-ing on top before painting it.  The edges can curl up! (was ok on the ones I pressed down well).

Stamped Coasters – She stamped directly on the tiles.  You could do this on solid paper and then follow the tutorial above!

Lace Painted coasters


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