Jungle Classroom

One thing I miss not having a classroom is decorating it.  Here was my jungle themed classroom!


Dragonfly Work Display!
I used di-cut clothespin friends and hot glue to make clips on my wall to hold my students’ word to display!


Word Waterfall Word Wall
I love the teacher center! If I did this again, I’d put these on cards or something – they were a pain to laminate!


Jungle caterpillar number line!
Odds are yellow, evens are orange, fives are white. Love it!
Also, note the vines in the corner, I used beanie babies to decorate them around the room!

Calendar Time!

This has NOTHING to do with jungles.  BUT, I thought it was adorable 🙂


Red Ribbon Week / Halloween Decoration!

My bathroom “passes.” Got these cute boy and girl robots at Michael’s. If a student wanted to use the restroom, they move down the robot. Then when the inevitable (12) student(s) asked to use the restroom, I would just point to the sign 🙂


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