Cupcake Basics: Filling Cupcakes

Here is my trick that works AMAZINGLY well!  But, you need a juice extractor.  I tried to find one online, and they are hard to find 😦  But, my mom had two, so I just permanently borrowed one.

If you DON’T have one, Annie’s Eats (one of my favorite food bloggers) has a good post on other ways to fill cupcakes.  You can also use an apple corer like My Baking Addiction.

With no further ado, here is my trick!

Put the juice extractor in, pull it out, and out comes the cupcake!  I push the cupcake center out of the juice extractor and then can either pop it in my mouth, OR rip/cut off the bottom half, pop that in your mouth, and save the tops to go back on the cupcakes after you fill them!

I use a piping bag with a small coupler or with a injector tip or something to fill them

Then, you can frost them or top and frost them!

Super easy, if you have the right tool 🙂


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