DIY Wreath

Where did I find this idea you ask?  Well PINTEREST of course!  I could, and have, spent hours days on Pinterest.

The idea originated from Teach. Craft. Love and Miss Lovie Creations.  I followed Miss Lovie Creations instructions, except that I tried to use floral wire to hold the flowers and picks in (with the intention that I can always reuse the wreath).  Don’t do that unless you’re crazy like me.  I probably will never take them off, and it was a PAIN to do that way 🙂  It worked ok for the big flowers, but the little ones were way tricky – just hot glue them.

Don’t make this now, wait for the supplies to go on sale!  I made my wreath for about $20.  It would have been double that had I not gotten all my supplies 50% off (or used a coupon) at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann’s.   If you’re a teacher, check out how to get the biggest bang for your buck here.

Click the photo to go to the tutorial or to pin her Welcome Fall Wreath


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