DIY Appliance Vinyl Tutorial

I have been wanting to do this for MONTHS.  I finally got it done!  Thanks to a girls’ day with one of my BFFs!  I got the idea from this product.  If you don’t want to make your own – she has some CUTE ones! [This one is cute too!]

What you will need:

  • Die-Cut Machine
  • Design (I used an SVG found online and SCAL2)
  • Vinyl in color of your choice (I bought mine at Joann’s; can also order online here or here)
  • Glad Press and Seal or Vinyl Transfer tape
  • An extra pair of hands for application (optional)
What to do:
  • Select whatever cut you want to make, measure your appliance (where you want to place the vinyl), size appropriately.  Here’s my SCAL2 File and the SVGs from VectorLady!
  • Cut on a scrap sheet of paper.  Test it to check for size and placement.
  • When you have your final draft perfected, cut on the vinyl!  I recommend a kiss cut.  Settings:
    • Cut through – Basic Shape >1″ in size – Blade Depth 4 – Speed 3 – Pressure 3
    • Cut through – Intricate Shape <1″ in size – Blade Depth 4 – Speed 2 – Pressure 3
    • Kiss cut – Basic Shape >1 – Blade Depth 3 – Speed 2-3 –
      Pressure 2
    • Kiss cut – Intricate Shape <1″ – Blade Depth 3 – Speed 1 – Pressure 2
  • Remove the extra vinyl that you don’t need.
  • Follow directions on transfer tap or these directions for Glad Press and Seal.  Remove from mat.
  • Remove the backing on the vinyl.
  • Carefully apply – an extra pair of hands comes in handy!  Because of the curve of the mixer, and because I did not do a kiss cut, I had to cut and fudge some of the round parts.
  • Remove the transfer tape / Press and Seal if you haven’t already.
  • Admire your work!

I cut two of the large designs and then separated the 2nd design to put on smaller sections of the appliances.

I put some on my food processor too!

Here’s the SCAL2 File! Design was created by Ann from and modified slightly.


Graduation Gift

My mom needed a few graduation gifts recently.  She wanted something cute and crafty, that wouldn’t be too pricy to make.

Here’s what I made!

Here’s the original concept from The Creative Crate:

The Creative Crate includes a printable version.  I don’t have an awesome printer (well… any printer for that matter).  But I DO have a Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot 2.

I decided I wanted to use all cutouts – so I cut 2 sheets on the cricut (in gray), and then used the inverted letters as well!

I used a gluestick some and my skinny-tipped-glue (which didn’t work so well… it wrinkled the paper a bit).  I also cut the “bright” on yellow paper…. that was tricky because it was supposed to have holes. They were tiny, and because I may or may not be slightly stubborn, I used a toothpick to punch through each one.  I would recommend just not using holes.  What a novel concept…

I added flowers to the frame with sticky tack (mom didn’t want to wreck the frame)

Here’s the reverse image that I put up in my office:

Love it! I think they both turned out super cute!