Hospital Survival Kit: Baby Shower Gift!

My co-worker is having a baby girl!  So what better thing to do than search on Pinterest for a baby shower gift.

Inspiration from My Own Road

Items I included:

  • Some favorite snack: I know I’m always hungry.  Vending machine food just might not cut it – put some of daddy’s favorite snacks in – maybe some Clif bars
  • Mommy & Daddy’s favorite soda’s
  • Gum / mints: I don’t think anyone wants stinky breath!
  • Socks with non-slip bottoms (I found them at Wal-mart)
  • Flip flops / shower shoes: Alternative to socks!
  • Disposable toothbrushes: Your teeth get dirty.  And then you don’t have to leave your toothbrush somewhere!
  • Travel dry shampoo: This stuff is FANTASTIC!  If you don’t have time to shower, but still want to look pretty(ish) for photos – just spray it in.  My wal-mart has Tresemme travel sized.
  • Travel make-up remover wipes
  • Travel Clorox wipes: trying to help out other germaphobes of this world
  • Cottonelle toilet paper wipes: hospital TP does NOT sound nice
  • Tide to-go: it’ll be great for the diaper bag!
  • Aveeno Stress Lotion
  • Vasaline / chapstick: I’ve heard your lips get pretty chapped.
  • Hair ties: I made my own OR these are my favorite nonslip hair ties
  • Stretchy head bands
  • Fun nail file
  • Ear plugs for daddy
  • Blank or thank you notes: Mom and dad might want to thank the nurses or visitors!
  • Baby Ruth candy bar: I printed out their last name and taped it to the candy bar using mailing tape

  • Hand sanitizer: I made this!  How adorable?  Here the directions.  In a nutshell, using a laser printer, print on a transparency.  cut out, roll up, put in, push to the front, and viola!  Now, mom can put it in the hospital room and it’s a cute way to make sure visitors have cleaned their hands.  And it can go in baby’s room!

  • And LAST but not LEAST, a container or basket: I chose a plastic container with a lid and handle!  I would choose something that is easily travel-able.  Maybe even a diaper or mommy bag!

What I thought about, but didn’t include:

  • Books / magazines: For him AND her!
  • Quarters: For the vending machines of course!
  • Kleenex: Hospital kleenex CANNOT be comfy.
  • Easy-access nightgown: One of my coworkers said she wished she had this

Here’s the label I made!

If you make your own kit or have other suggestions of things to include, feel free to comment!

DIY Burp Cloths

I also sewed these!  I’m pretty proud of myself.  They MAY have ended up a little crooked, BUT I still think they’re cute!  I used terrycloth as the backing and Joann’s had flannel prints for $2.99/yd!  Here’s the tutorial I used.

6 thoughts on “Hospital Survival Kit: Baby Shower Gift!

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