Bachelorette Party Photo Scavenger Hunt [[clean & alcohol free]]

I’m soooo late on blogging about this, but I thought it ended up being so fun, so I decided to post about it anyways!

My now-sister-in-law didn’t want a drunken bachelorette party.  So her maid-of-honor and I tried to think of something that would be enjoyable, yet awesome! We decided on a Nick and Olivia themed photo scavenger hunt!  The only con to this was that we split up into groups, and only one group got to be with the bride-to-be for the actual hunt part!

Here were our rules!

  1. All pictures need to contain all but one member of the team, unless specified.
  2. Team must stay together.
  3. ‘Stranger’ means someone you DO NOT KNOW — and once they’ve taken a shot with you, they are now family— every Stranger picture will require someone NEW.
  4. ‘Teammate’ means one of the people on your team
  5. Each picture may count only for one task.
  6. Meet up at ____________________ by _______.
  7. Each team loses 3 points for every 15 minutes they are late.

Each task is worth 1 point unless otherwise noted

  • Olivia needs some ideas:  At least one teammate being (uniquely) carried over a threshold [[+1 for each additional teammate;     +3 for each stranger participating]]
  • One team member modeling a wedding dress [[+1 for garter;     +2 if all team members are in wedding dresses]]
  • creative groom’s ring from local hardware store
  • the funniest wedding card you can find
  • a church [[+1 for bible]]
  • Stranger on one knee proposing to teammate [[+2 for guys proposing to the whole team]]
  • Stranger with a lipstick kiss on his cheek [[+3 if a teammate is kissing him in the picture]]
  • A wedding cake
  • 1 teammate wearing stilettos [[+1 if you are measuring in the picture;    +1 for team with the highest heel]]
  • Man with the largest bicep you can find
  • Two love birds (actual birds) together
  • Two love birds (people) who really might consider taking it behind closed doors. [[(not necessary for team members to be in this photo)  +2 for team in the picture]]
  • Action figures representing Nick and Liv
  • A couple who has been together for over 50 years
  • The bride’s fav color is green: A picture with at least 5 different items of this color.  [[+1 for the team with the most items of this color]]
  • A Pastor – get his advice for a great marriage.  Have him write it on the back of a business card.
  • Take a picture of three bachelors and have them write their advice on marriage on card/napkin [[+1 for each phone number (even if it’s on a business card)]]
  • Any hotel’s honeymoon suite [[3 points total]]
  • A penny with Nick and Liv’s birth year
  • Spelling out N & O in some way
  • Spelling out “love” with bodies
  • Parody Nick and Liv at their 1st dinner as a married couple
  • Because Nick is a lifeguard – in kiddy pool
  • having mock cook-out at Lawn & Garden section of store
  • Because Olivia found her frog/prince : Teammate (almost) kissing a toad or frog

Because Nick and Olivia are so fun-loving, here are some fun activities to record pictures of:         

  • on a spiral slide
  • under a bed (as if playing hide and seek)
  • in dark, with flashlights to faces
  • having pillow fight
  • balanced on playground see-saw
  • in a shopping cart
  • jumping in the air (must be off ground)
  • Teammate saying “Unmph!” with a word bubble while getting punched

A printable version

It was a blast.  Our group had a hard time convincing a guy to take a picture with one of us “proposing,” we had to agree not to put it anywhere.  We think he thought it was some sort of trick.

The BEST part was looking at the pictures and having delicious dessert!

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Zebra Cake


7 thoughts on “Bachelorette Party Photo Scavenger Hunt [[clean & alcohol free]]

  1. This is a GREAT idea for a drunk free party! I’m going to tailor it to my girlfriend for this weekend…and I thought of a way to keep us all together with the bride…I decided to make each photo worth $5 Gift Card for the bride to a lingerie store of her choice…I was going to have a prize for the winner anyway, so I’ll cap it at 10 questions…so $50 -the amount I was willing to pay for the prize 🙂 I figure everyone is there for her and will be motivated to win her the GC. Thanks!

  2. Hello,

    I have been stressing for so many days trying to think of ideas that are clean and fun for my friend’s bachelorette party soon and this just eased all of my troubles. Thank you so much for sharing your idea this is great!! Question though… How long did this take you to do?


    • It’s been so long, I’m not sure! I’ll check to see if the bride remembers – I think we went to an early dinner, and then did it for an hour or two! We set a time limit. Sorry for such a delayed response!

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