“Designer” Car Trash Bag (tutorial linked, my adjustments included)

I use my car trash bag CONSTANTLY.  But man, does mine look AFUL right now.  I needed a new one, but I was tired of the ugly bag.  And I recalled one I saw on Pinterest!

I love this tutorial.  It’s relatively easy (I’m a beginner-and-not-very-skilled seamstress) AND it looks GREAT!  I LOVE that the interfacing is pretty much removable and a plastic trash bag goes around it without being obviously visible!

Trash can

So I decided to make my own! Here are the changes I made after some trial-and-error:

  • I chose to use outdoor fabric / decor (45″) fabric.  The outdoor fabric is more expensive – but water resistant!  I found rain gear fabric on clearance – I now wish I had bought more.  I made 2 that have waterproof lining.  How cool is that?
  • I used grosgrain ribbon instead of additional fabric as the loop.
  • I sewed the ribbon to the trim before stitching the trim down.
  • I did not stitch the interfacing to the bag – that way, the owner can take it out to put a new bag on if so desired – less finagling.
  • For my first few, I used duck cloth fabric, and I did not end up doubling it – was way too thick.
  • I did not zig zag stitch everything.  I just did 2 rows of stitching.  Hopefully, it holds up! It shouldn’t have a lot of strain on those seams, though.

Here is one I made for my office gift exchange.  I found the fabric at Joann’s.  So fun for a car, right?




UPDATE: See above for some more of the trash bags I have made!


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