My Favorite Educational iPad App: Bitsboard Review

I work with deaf and hard-of-hearing students of all different ages and levels.  I use Bitsboard with so many different levels and ages of kids (currently 3-year-old to 8th grade).  It’s a must-have app for teachers!  I’ve used to to introduce topics (school objects, actions words, sight words), auditory training (animal sounds, Ling sound check, environmental sounds), and to support vocaublary in the classroom.  This app is amazingly free and incredible!

The basic concept: Create or download a set of flash cards, called a “board.”  Each flash cards consists of a picture and a word. You can add your own pictures or select one from the app.

The app includes a number of games that can be used with any “board.” Every update has seen more new games, and they’re always awesome!

With the new update, you can also add different users.  This will be great for me, since I work with many different students – I can track their progress and more!

Download it here to try it out!


Bitsboard Help Center

Why share a board?

How to Delete a Board from the catolog

Problem Downloading Boards

How to Delete Boards


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