Wedding Day Survival Kit: Free Downloads

I’m starting to be known around my friends and coworkers for my “survival kits.”  I don’t know how it happened.  I guess I just love the practicality and the personalization I can do when creating a kit for someone I care about.  Here’s the one I most recently made! One thing I love about this one is that anything the bride doesn’t end up using can be used for a guest room bathroom! Wedding Day Survival Kit: Contents What to include: [I did NOT include all of this.  Think about your bride and what she would actually use in an emergency]

For clothing (I found most of this at Joann’s):

  • sewing kit (if possible, make sure it has the bridesmaids’ dress color thread) – I found mine at Michael’s for $1.50 in the baskets of value items!
  • scissors (my sewing kit included mini scissors)
  • double stick tape
  • corsage pins
  • safety pins
  • clear nail polish (for fixing a chipped nail, runs in hose, or putting it on the thread of a button about to fall off)
  • stick-on instant hemming tape
  • white chalk (for masking stains)

[Side note: You’d think you wouldn’t need any of this.  At my best friend’s wedding, one of the bridesmaid’s zipper BROKE on her dress.  The zipper had seemed a little “off,” but David’s Bridal said they couldn’t do anything about it.  She couldn’t get it zipped, and then one side came completely out.  We had to literally sew her up, but the thread color didn’t match and we ran out!  EEK!  The bride may have been hiding under her veil at this point…] Wedding Day Survival Kit: Hair & Make-up

Hair & Make-up: (Most of this I found at Wal-mart in the travel section)

  • bobby pins
  • comb or brush
  • hair spray
  • compact mirror
  • chapstick
  • tweezers
  • nail file (I found a cute set at Wal-Mart by the nail polish!)
  • nail clippers
  • blotting papers
  • cotton balls
  • Q-tips
  • make-up wipes
  • hand lotion
  • lint roller
  • deoderant
  • toothbrush-to-go & toothpaste kit (travel section)
  • floss
  • mouthwash
  • eye drops (if the bride wears contacts, make sure to buy drops that are specifically for contacts)

Just in case…Wedding Day Survival Kit: Just in case!

  • bandages or first aid kit
  • blister kit
  • mints
  • tissues
  • earring backs
  • tampons
  • Shout Wipes or Tide-To-Go
  • static cling
  • water bottle(s)
  • straws (to keep lipstick from getting totally ruined) – next time you grab and extra one from a fast food place, save it!
  • superglue
  • lighter (for lighting candles or to fix fraying ribbon! It works for most ribbons – just swipe it so it doesn’t catch on fire!)
  • for outdoor weddings: sunscreen, bug spray, allergy medicine

For Sanity:

  • medicine: headache, pain, antacid, etc.
  • snacks (I got Nature Valley fruit and nut bars or Clif bars – no chocolate or anything that will stain!)
  • I’m not a drinker, but if the bride is, you could go with some mini containers of …juice…

Now, for the bag.   I wanted something with a handle that could be easily carried.  I considered a purse or beach bag, but then realized either everything would be floating around, or I would have to purchase additional pouches.  I also considered a tackle box.  While this is a super cute idea, and they tend to be about the same price as what I got, I thought it’d be too annoying to carry around / have to keep upright.  SO I went with a cute cosmetics bag with a handle, various pockets, and even a hook to hang it over a door.  I find this is my favorite style to gift.

UPDATE: Here are a few I have made since this post! I even personalized some of them with vinyl!

I got the larger cosmetic bags at TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Tuesday Morning for less than $15 each.

I recently made the purple clutch survival kit for my fashionista friend!  Carrie had her cosmetics kit on her table at the reception!  I knew Allison would not put a bag that didn’t match on the table, and that she would appreciate a matching clutch, so I ordered this “large” Missy K Rose Clutch on Amazon.  It was hard to fit everything I wanted to in there, but I think it works for Allison!

I also made a mini wedding day survival kit for another friend of mine.  I found the small bag at Target for less than $2and was able to fill it with lots of good stuff thanks to this: My Tagalongs Personal 911 Kit.  I found these at TJMaxx for less than $5!  I love a good deal!

Label:  I used Callie Hand font for my label.

This download includes a standard printable PDF with no bride’s name.  Download and print on cardstock – I used my handy-dandy paper cutter and corner rounder to make this all pretty, punched a hole, and tied it with a ribbon.

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 3.51.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.01.46 PM

This download should work with fonts on most computers.  I’ve been including a list of what was included for my bride!  That way, she can look through it without emptying out the bag when opening her gifts.

I also made you lovely ladies a shopping list!  Again, I made one in Word, so you can edit it as needed.  Or, you can just print it, and you’re ready to go!  Here is the PDF.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.13.08 PM

Just delete what you’re not using and change it to your favorite font!  If you have trouble, please let me know.  Comment below if you have anything you added, and please link back if you use these ideas so I can see what you’ve done!  Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Wedding Day Survival Kit: Free Downloads

  1. I love this makeup bag! I love the print , it is so unique and pretty. I love makeup bags and am always looking for the “best” one. I am hoping there will be another one at TJ Maxx for me.
    tami bell

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