Time to Travel the World!

Very soon, I’ll be beginning my journey to Magong City, Taiwan to visit my amazing brother and sister-in-law. My goal is to blog pretty frequently about my experiences!  I tend to forget things easily, so this will be a fun way for me to share my experiences with friends and family, AND have a record of my thoughts and pictures from the trip.  Let’s hope I can keep it up!

I’m so excited! I’ve traveled overseas one other time for a study abroad trip to Italy. Of course, that was with a whole group of people. I’ve traveled without supervision plenty of times…with my brother, who was in no way a supervisor for me, since we were both kids heading for grandparent visits. But this time, I’m traveling across the world alone!

The travel time to Taipei is more than 19 hours. But my trip goes beyond Taipei! I have another flight at a DIFFERENT AIRPORT to get from Taipei to Penghu. Add another 6 hours (including a bus ride across Taipei) for that! EEK! But the end result is going to be fantastic! I’ll get to go to a country that I NEVER would have traveled to otherwise, see two of my favorite people and have a blast exploring beautiful islands!

Here’s the entire route!

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 8.45.01 PM


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