Everything-you-might-want-in-the-car Kit (makes a great gift!)

Another survival kit! My mom and I are both traveling teachers.  I know the type of things that come in handy in the car, so I made this kit.   I ended up making one of these for myself I loved it so much! 

Everything-you-might-want-in-the-car Kit by thisthatandcraft

What to include: [I did NOT include all of this.  Think about your recipient and what they will need!]

Beauty: (Most of this I found at Wal-mart in the travel section)

  • bobby pins
  • travel size comb or brush
  • hair ties
  • hair spray**
  • compact mirror
  • chapstick**
  • tweezers
  • nail file
  • blotting papers
  • hand lotion**
  • sun screen**
  • lint roller** [I got a lint brush]
  • deoderant**
  • toothbrush-to-go (Wisps, or my Wal-mart had a kit with an actual toothbrush and toothpaste for cheaper!)
  • floss


  • disinfecting hand wipes**
  • hand sanitizer
  • tissues
  • bandaids / first aid kit
  • medicines: pain killer, antacid, motion sickness relief, etc.
  • tissues
  • barf bag (you never know when you might have a sick passenger)

Just in case…

  • mints or gum**
  • water bottle(s) [use your own judgement about whether or not you’ll drink from bottles stored in heat]
  • snacks – granola bars, trail mix**
  • plastic silverware packets [I may or may not have had about 20 in my car.  I just took some from there…]
  • napkins
  • pen & small notepad

For clothing (I found most of this at Joann’s):

  • mini sewing kit
  • scissors (I have a pair of children’s scissors.  Nice and small; safe if it goes flying about)
  • safety pins
  • Shout Wipes or Tide-To-Go**

In case of emergency: 

  • flashlight [I MAY have just taken the 2 that were already in my mom’s car… why buy another one? Ha!]
  • tire gauge
  • Fix-a-flat
  • a few pairs of disposable gloves
  • disposable camera [no need if your recipient has a decent phone or tablet]
  • utility knife
  • ice scraper [this has actually come in handy in Texas!]
  • maps
  • car pillow & blanket
  • box of matches
  • small garbage bags

**I live in Texas.  That means, between about April and November, things have a tendancy to melt.  I just keep these things in my purse during those months and taking them out of my car.

The bag – a few ideas: You’ll want to think about what will work best for the TYPE of car your recipient has as well.  Remember, you should not put anything in sight that might look like a good item to steal.  So if there’s no “hidey place” for a giant cosmetic bag, go with something smaller!

  • A number of small cosmetic bags – see through would be better! [I had a hard time finding these at a reasonable price.]
  • A large sturdy bag that can go in the trunk
  • A “purse insert” that will fit in the glove box like the one I used [I bought it on Amazon.  It comes in a variety of colors!  If you need it soon, make sure it is shipped from the US and NOT from Hong Kong. I learned this the hard way.]
  • A 2 part cosmetic bag with see-through pockets
  • A baby wipes container – who would steal that?


Father's Day Car Kit by Holidash

Father’s Day Car Kit by Holidash – sewing instructions!

Emergency Car Kit from My Creative Stirrings

Emergency Car Kit from My Creative Stirrings

Martha Stewart DIY Car Kit video

Martha Stewart DIY Car Kit video


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