Birthday Week How-To and a #birthdayofhashtags

My BFF’s mom has done a birthday week every year for both of her daughters.  It’s a special tradition for her family, and I decided to attempt it for a very special birthday.

I don’t think I could do it every year, but for my mom’s 50th, I thought it would be a great way to make it special.  [Especially considering I’ll be out of town visiting my brother and SIL.  Oops.]  Now, I may have gone a little overboard… Don’t judge our #birthdayofhashtags – my brother and SIL have made a habit of mocking hashtags.  And we had just explained hashtags to our mother.  So after 2 hours of skyping, #birthdayofhashtags has ensued!

How it works:

  1. Essentially, give a small gift each day the week leading up to the birthday: If the birthday is on Wednesday, start the previous Tuesday.
  2. Decide how you want to gift it each day: outside the bedroom, on the seat of the car, in various hiding places hidden, at the breakfast table…  The possibilities are endless!  If you don’t live in the same city, you can recruit someone close to them (significant other, child, etc.) to give the gifts for you (you should have them all prepped and then mail them to the “someone close”)
  3. Decide on your gifts and make a list of what you need!  Shop (online or in stores 😉 )
  4. Put them all together!

Remember to find things that are specific to your recipient.  I did my best to think of things my mom was in need of and/or would love but wouldn’t get on her own.  

The birthday week can definitely be done simpler! And now… The ideas! (Tutorials linked where necessary)

Birthday Week by thisthatandcraft

Flowers: I LOVE Sam’s club flowers!  They often have gorgeous varied bouquets for about $15!

Magnetic fridge list & pen holder: Here is my tutorial for the magnetic pen box using a spice tin (you can also just use a small box).  I also made magnetic pens.  I got the notepads at Michaels for $.50 each!

Birthday Week - Grocery List

Mani/pedi set: Buy one or make your own to your recipients liking!  I love the nail clippers that have a cover – it keeps the trimmings from flying all over the place!  I’ve seen them at Wal-mart, HEB, and more.  Revlon even makes some!  Here’s an adorable DIY Faux Antique Nail Polish.

DSC_7682 Faux Antique Nail Polish

Picture frame: Does he/she need a frame at the office or nightstand to display loved ones?

Birthday Week - Picture / Frame

Purse things: Include what she may need in her purse! Nail clippers, medicine container, Shout wipes, hand sanitizer  hair ties, tissues, bobby pins, small cosmetic bag, travel brush, compact mirror, pen, small notebook, mints, gum, chapstick, and the list goes on! [That reminds me.  I bought her favorite chapstick.  Hmmm, now where did I put that?]

Birthday Week - Purse Stuff

Car things:  I ended up making a car kit.  My mom and I are both traveling teachers.  I know the type of things that come in handy in the car, so I made this kit.  Check it out for a list of ideas.

Everything-you-might-want-in-the-car Kit by thisthatandcraft

Personalized Puzzle: This is my FAVORITE so I made it the actual birthday present!  Our family has a tradition of getting a puzzle at the national park we visited over the summer.  We spent a lot of time at a family home in Washington.  I decided to get a puzzle made out of a picture I took there last summer!

I used Missing Piece Puzzle Company to order a 500 piece puzzle.  They were FANTASTIC.  I got my order within 3 days of ordering (I’m sure that’s not guaranteed).  They were very helpful and prompt when I contacted them for assistance.  The puzzle quality is great!  They have lots of other sizes as well!

Birthday Week - Puzzle

Cupcakes in a jar: On her actual birthday, I had these cupcake jars ready for her.  Check out all of Glorious Treats Desserts in Jars.

Double Chocolate cupcakes in a jar

Acrostic gifts: You can create a gift bag or basket with various things for each letter of the recipient’s name.  So for NICK – I could include…

  • N- Nerds candy
  • I- Ice pops
  • C- Clue (the game)
  • K- Kaleidoscope

Soak up the sun: Sunglasses, sunscreen, SFP chapstick, sunhat

Other ideas I found online:

rope-handbag from The Long Thread

Rope Handbag from The Long Thread

Mason Jar Pincushion from Crazy Wonderful

Mason Jar Pincushion from Crazy Wonderful

Movie Night DVD Wrap by allred design

Movie Night DVD Wrap by allred design
or keep it simple: DVD, candy, and popcorn

DIY Coffee Cozy from Practically Functional

DIY Coffee Cozy from Practically Functional

Little gift ideas: You could also just do a litle thing some days to simplify it.  Here are some suggestions to get you thinking (you can also google or Pinterest “stocking stuffers for __{type of person}__” and you’ll probably find some great suggestions

  • favorite candy
  • flameless candles
  • t-shirt
  • sunglasses
  • mug
  • hot pads
  • handwarmers
  • keychain
  • card game
  • cord wrap
  • crayons & coloring book
  • Here is a link for 25 Handmade Gifts under $5

What are some of your ideas or suggestions?  Comment below!


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