Day 1 (& a little bit of 2): Travel!

My trip is finally here!  Where is my summer going??
After some confusion about my ticket (never using Orbitz again), I’m so thankful I got to the airport early.
I spent my layover in the United Club (thanks, dad!) – I was able to read comfortably, charge my phone, and have a snack. Then I made my way to the other end of LAX to the international terminal.
Taiwan Trip 003
 On my international flight, there was some interesting food:
The sunrise as we began getting closer to Taiwan was GORGEOUS.

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I am TERRIBLE at public transportation. growing up in the suburbs, I very rarely got to experience buses, trains, etc. The few times I have travelled to cities where it was necessary, I’ve had family or fellow students with me to help me navigate. And even then, we got lost on occasion. Or just confused in general.
When I got to Taipei, I had to make my way to the smaller, domestic airport in order to get to Penghu. That meant taking a bus. I am proud to say that I made it, although not without confusion and doubt.  I then had to wait a long time for my flight, so I finished my book, and then decided to double check whether or not they could put me on an earlier flight.  I was able to take a flight that was scheduled to board at 10.  It was 10:07.  Luckily, it was delayed, and I made it with no major problems.
I tried to get in touch with my bro and SIL to let them know I would be early.  Since they were still teaching, they sent a sweet co-worker to pick me up.  It worked out perfectly!
I only got about 5 hours of sleep the past couple days… Maybe I can finish Day 2 tomorrow.
Good night, all!

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