Day 5: Snorkeling

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We woke up bright and early to go snorkeling on Sunday.

To get to the island, we had to take a large boat southwest from Magong City to Wang’an and then a small boat to the island JangJun.

Source: Google Maps

Nick went to JungJun island to teach a while back, and stayed at the only place to rent rooms on the island.  It’s a very small town – you can see all of it in this picture!



The owner of the “bed & breakfast” also owns the scuba/snorkel shop.  Nick and Liv have been a few times and even have gotten scuba certified! The shop got us all set up, we borrowed a scooter, and we were on our way!

2013-07-07 Taiwan Trip 507

Our snorkeling spot

Isn’t the water just beautiful? That is not edited either!  The visibility is at least 10 meters.  It’s AMAZING!

Nick and Liv have an underwater camera.  I attempted to use it, but somehow, it hated me.  I do usually know how to work technology, but somehow, I couldn’t get the camera on and/or I would accidentally hit the record button.  I got some great video of Nick’s flipper…  Oops!  Nick did a great job of diving and taking pictures, while Olivia and I avoided getting salt water in our snorkels :).


2013-07-07 Taiwan Trip 519---

Here are just a few of the things we saw.  The pictures don’t do anything justice!  It was gorgeous!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2013-07-07 Taiwan Trip 587

Feeling like a fish with a fish-face and fishtail braid!

We went back to the snorkel shop where they served us lunch. We missed our boat back to Wang’an, so we relaxed for a bit.

The shop must have called for another boat to come, because it came much faster than we expected.  We were the only passengers.

When we got to Wang’an, we got in line to get our return tickets to Magong City.  However, the boat (which can seat 200+) was already full from its previous stop!  They called another boat to come, and put our names down on a list with 15-20 other people.  While waiting, we went to the Wang’an Green Turtle Tourism Conservation Center.  I love sea turtles!

We got back to the docks, and there weren’t any people in the ticket office, except for the clerk.  He didn’t know any English – we finally figured out that we had to sign another list and pay for our tickets.  We were crossing our fingers that we understood correctly that the tickets were for the boat today, and not the next day.  We weren’t the only ones confused!  We were sitting near the coast guard and another lady seemed to be asking them about the same boat.  A boat came in the harbor and the coast guard waved us over.  I enjoyed looking at the window and standing on the deck while Nick and Liv napped.

(Sidenote: The students and teachers at Nick’s school take a nap every afternoon.  Therefore, they learn to nap ANYWHERE.  On our boat rides, most Taiwanese were sleeping!)

The day wore us out, so we went home, had a nice American dinner, Skyped with our parents, and then went to bed.


2 thoughts on “Day 5: Snorkeling

  1. Cool! That window on the boat must have been some cool window for you to spend the trip looking AT it ; ) Cool picture of all of you in your snorkel gear. The water does look very clear. If I get back to Magnong, I want to go to the island!

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