Day 7: Windsurfing and Almost-concussion

[If you haven’t been keeping up with my travels, check them out here!]

My mom has been raving for MONTHS about the awesome haircuts in Taiwan.  She may have been exaggerating a bit, however, it was pretty awesome.  They trimmed and layered my hair , then I got a 15 minute shampoo / head massage, then, they styled and actually curled it.  Nick & Olivia got massages! (I guess my hair took too long…)  I like the cut and it was only about $7 US! Although, considering how much my airfare was, I don’t think I’ll be paying the $3000+ to come back for a haircut ;).

2013-07-09 Taiwan Trip 817 ---

I really liked the way the shop is set up – the hair stylist just did the cutting and styling.  There were a few high school girls learning the skill.  They do the washing, the first part of the drying/styling, and more.  It makes total sense and probably keeps down on costs while being able to see more clients!

2013-07-09 Taiwan Trip 824 ---My hair will never look like this again… but it was great until I got on the scooter… And then took a dip in the ocean… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When Nick and Olivia arrived home from work earlier in the day, they told me that their principal had arranged for us to go windsurfing that day! I think he had gotten wind (haha, I’m so punny) that we wanted to go Windsurfing before leaving Taiwan.  Nick and Liv’s school put together a windsurfing camp for the afternoons – so we caught on the tail end of that!

I got a small lesson, and then watched as Nick and Olivia (and the students from the windsurfing camp) did it.  It’s way harder than it looks! My first trip out, I got going straight pretty well, but wanted to turn around, as I would eventually run into people.

That’s when it all went wrong…

I had been told that if you fall, you just fall into the water; no big deal.  What no one mentioned was that if the metal mast hits you on the head, it hurts. The smart thing to do is duck underwater so the water, and not your head, takes the impact.

After the scooter-turning incident, and now this, I think turning any sort of moving device is just a bad idea.  Maybe I’ll just stick to going straight!

I took a break, and made myself get back on the board!  And I then successfully went straight, turned, and even maneuvered.  I have large bump on the top of my head but no blood or concussion!  I think I will call it a success!

Their principal was so kind – he was there windsurfing and paddle boarding as well!  He shared the windsurfing board he was using with us and washed the equipment.  So far, I’ve found the Taiwanese to be very kind.

For dinner, we went to BBQ.  Now, I’m from Texas, but this was NOT like Texas barbecue.

The restaurant has tables with square holes in the middle.  When we arrived, one of the staff brought a hot grill thing and put it in that spot.  Then, we went to the  refrigerated section, grabbed a pair of tongs, a plate, and loaded it up – there was a large assortment of things including squid, mussels  chicken wings, gourd, zucchini, mushrooms, corn, whole raw eggs, etc.

2013-07-09 Taiwan Trip 869 ---

We grabbed some sauces, seasonings, bread, and squirt bottles (for when the flames started burning the food).  Then, we cooked our food!  I ended up burning some of it… But I still ate a bunch of delicious things!

2013-07-09 Taiwan Trip 862 ---

There were tons of people, even with some rainy weather.  (It’s an outdoor restaurant.  We arrived early so we could get a spot under the large covering).

2013-07-09 Taiwan Trip 868 ---

We went with some of Nick and Liv’s coworkers – I’m so glad I have gotten to put faces with the names I’ve been hearing all year!  They are all fantastic people!


One thought on “Day 7: Windsurfing and Almost-concussion

  1. Wow! When we went to the BBQ place it was their off season, it was us and one other table. Thanks for sharing all your adventures! We got to see Nick teach a wind surfing class, there seems to be a lot to remember to make it go while trying to stay up right on it.

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