Day 8: Teaching Cookies & Snorkeling

[If you haven’t been keeping up with my travels, check them out here!]

Almost every night, we went to the bakery around the corner to get the next morning’s breakfast.  My favorite was a strawberry swirl sweet bread.

I finally went with Nick and Liv to their school, and helped Olivia with her lesson for the day, baking chocolate chip cookies.

Random comment about driving in Taiwan – there seem to be at least as many scooters as there are cars.  The scooters drive around cars at stop signs, and there’s even a designated spot for them to wait!  The drivers maneuver around anything in their path: often going the wrong way on the road, parking in random places, passing cars on the left, etc.

We went to visit Sharon and her dog Bai, who Nick and Liv dogsat for 3 months.  They love him.  It was fun to be able to meet him and some of their other English-speaking friends.

There are temples EVERYWHERE here.  We saw some especially large ones on this outing!

Then, we went to Shili beach nearby that had some FABULOUS snorkeling!  We saw angel fish, lion fish, puffer fish, and MORE!

After we finished snorkeling, we had to rush back to town to have dinner with their coworkers. Anly is famous for her rice balls!


2 thoughts on “Day 8: Teaching Cookies & Snorkeling

  1. Teaching–it is about time you get to work ; ) Thanks for the terrific picts! I especially love the size and shape of the spatula. Is that really a spatula or an adapted kid’s shovel? Bai looks happy. I believe by this time you have said farewell to Penhui Taiwan and are now exploring a night market in Taipei. Enjoy and come home in one piece and peace 🙂 (that is dad groaner humor)

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