Day 12: Up, up, and away, all over Taipei!

[If you haven’t been keeping up with my travels, check them out here!]

We got up early to head to the Taipei zoo.  At the zoo, there is a gondola that is part of the MRT public transportation in Taiwan.  This means it is VERY cheap to ride.  We rode the whole thing and enjoyed our time, despite not having air conditioning.  The first few minutes, we had a taiwanese couple with us, but they got off at the first station.  We had the rest of the ride to ourselves!

When we got back to the zoo, we started checking out the animals.  Because of the typhoon, many of the outdoor animal habitats had fallen trees and branches, so they had put signs up that they were “renovating” and the animals were not in the habitats.  FINALLY, we found some sections with animals!  It seemed to be nap time – but at least we got to see them!  The elephants and hippos were lying in the water to cool down, and we almost wanted to join them!  Boy, was it HOT!  The gorilla was right up next to the window eating some bamboo.  She was born in 1964.  I tried waving at her, but she must have been too hungry to wave back 🙂 The other gorilla had his butt in the window – he was kneeling like he was praying.

After that, we headed to the giant ferris wheel at Miramar Entertainment Park.  It sits on top of a 5 story building and is currently the 2nd tallest ferris wheel in Taiwan.  It is 95 meters high and 70 meters in diameter.  It’s about 20 minutes all the way around and a little scary when your brother tries to rock the car…

Miramar Entertainment Park and many of the other buildings like it are really neat – it’s not like your typical American malls in that most of the stores are without walls or doors.  It is essentially like a Macy’s with different sections, but each section has it’s own staff, cashier, dressing room, and is a completely different company.  There is even a huge food court in the basement!  These types of “malls” are usually even connected to the MRT (mass transit system)

Last dinner in Taiwan

Last dinner in Taiwan


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