Day 15: Beijing. We were not impressed.

[If you haven’t been keeping up with my travels, check them out here!]

After hiking the Great Wall the day on Day 14, we were pretty exhausted and felt like we’d seen what we came to see. But, we still decided to get up (late) and see a few more sights in Beijing.

First, we headed to the Summer Palace. It was insanely busy, extremely hot, we didn’t have a map, and there were lots of stairs. It wasn’t too exciting, but we did enjoy some time by the water watching the boats go by.  If we hadn’t climbed about 4,000 steps the day before, we would have explored more, but we were WIPED!  And the route we took had lots of stairs, and there wasn’t much to see!

By this time, we were tired and hot, so we decided see Tiananman Square from the shade of the nearby walkway.  We really didn’t enjoy it much, and were thankful we were not walking in sun the whole way back to our hostel.

2013-07-17 Beijing 2133

We rested for a bit, and then headed out to see the acrobatics show! After a RIDICULOUS amount of time waiting in a van for another group, we finally made it to the show.  It was fantastic!  I think my favorite act was the giant metal ball with 5 motorcyclists inside!  Every time they added another one, the crowd gasped.

Then, we finished up our souvenir shopping, packed, and went to bed.  Found some great deals and spent almost all our money!  Stay tuned for the dramatic story of attempting to leave Beijing…

All-in-all, we found Beijing to be smelly and many people were rude.  The traffic was terrible, the subways were packed and unorganized, the shopping was overpriced, and more.  But, we’re glad we went and go to see the Great Wall and the acrobatics!  And very thankful that the weather was good our first day.


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