The Crepe Experiment

I am blessed.  I have some friends who are amazing in the kitchen.  One of those happens to be my boyfriend – I’m super lucky.  Like seriously.  His food is fantastic!  And so fun to cook with!

2013-09-15 Miller's - Crepes 010

And apparently was singing to the camera at this point.  I’m glad I caught this silly moment!

We’ve eaten at Guru Burgers and Crepes a couple of times.  Which is phenomenal by the way.  Especially when you’re hypoglycemic and haven’t eaten in 9 hours… Terrible idea, just FYI.  I don’t know how I stayed conscious.  So, we decided to try our hand at making crepes!

I have to say, despite reading some bloggers who struggled with making crepes, ours turned out great!  (Probably because I was not the one turning them.  I tend to burn things that need flipping.  There’s so much to do, and I just forget about it!)


Here’s the crepes recipe we used.

We had a filling station with bananas, strawberries, Nutella, Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Syrup, and homemade almond filling.

Homemade almond filling

Homemade almond filling

Can I just say YUM?

We also made some delicious pork loin.  But, of course, we forgot to take pictures.  Well.  Until after the plates were empty.  Oops!


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