Star Wars Themed Party: FOOD!

There is a new Star Wars movie coming out!  It’s going to be called “The Force Awakens.”  In honor of that, I am posting about the “May the Fourth” Party I helped host!

If you don’t know, May 4th is Star Wars Day (get it? May the force FOURTH be with you!  If you don’t get it, you may need to have a Star Wars marathon!).  The geeks guys my friend and I are dating and some of our friends LOVE Star Wars, so we threw a party

2015-05-04 May the Fourth Party - CS


Our Menu:

  • Yoda Soda (lime sherbet & 7Up/Sprite)
  • Han Burgers (your favorite burgers)
  • Leah’s Buns (just your plain ol’ grocery store buns)
  • Vader Taters (tater tots, fries, OR rosemary roasted potatoes)
  • Death Starmelon – my friend carved it; I don’t have the patience or skill to do that…  (instruction)
  • Jar Jar Links (recipe)
  • Tie Fighters (recipe)
  • Light Sabers (recipe)
  • Wookie Cookies (recipe)

Other fun ideas from around the interwebz (click to go to the creator’s post):



Jawa/Jabba Jigglers from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons



If you want my labels, post a comment or contact me!   I used Sure Cuts A Lot and my Cricut to make them.  The SF Distant Galaxy Font is awesome!

I also made R2D2 Chocolate for the boyfriend!



I used this ice cube tray and this tutorial for how to detail in chocolate was awesome.  You’ll need toothpicks, blue, red, and black colored chocolate/candy melts (I just used Wilton).

Enjoy!  I love to hear comments of how you’ve done your Star Wars Party!


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