Azazie Bridesmaids Dress Review

I’m a bride – getting married in 32 days!  And I LOVE the concept of AZAZIE.  My bridesmaids didn’t have to go to a store and try on poor quality dresses, with terrible policies if things don’t turn out right (in a wedding I was in, we literally had to stitch a girl’s dress together because the zipper BROKE – she had told David’s Bridal the zipper felt “wrong” BEFORE SHE TOOK THE DRESS OUT OF THE STORE, and they refused to do anything about it).
Most of AZAZIE’s short, knee-, and tea-length dresses are currently $99 or $109.  As you start looking at ankle- and floor-length dresses, most currently range from $119 to $139.
Most of David’s Bridal short and knee-length dresses run from about $99-$168, and long dresses were $149-$198 although they do run some fairly good sales from time to time (when I checked, some specific styles were $50).
The difference from buying online vs. in store, is that you are unable to go and try on a myriad of different dresses.   However, if you’re like me and my bridesmaids, we all know fairly well what dress styles will fit our body types.  I gave them a few options, and they told me their top few – one dress in particular came out in top running – Azazie Grace! So I ordered 2 samples (currently $10 each, with free shipping) in 2 sizes fairly close to most of my bridesmaids.
For more details about their awesome Sample Program, click here!
We tried the dresses on, and found that pretty much none of us fit perfectly in the standard sizes, so they mostly decided to go with custom sizes.  One of my girls did order a standard size (the same size as the sample).
Order a swatch to verify your favorite color! I ordered a few, and found the colors were fairly true to form – but it did give me peace of mind to see it in person!  They include multiple types of fabric on one swatch.
 Photo Feb 18, 3 32 43 PM
Now, the amazing thing about Azazie, is that you can get a custom sized dress FO’ FREE.  Well, at no extra charge!  Since they make all dresses to order, you might as well do a custom sized dress!  For me, this was the selling point!  My bridesmaids did not have to pay anything extra for tailoring because the dresses were made to fit them!!  AND Azazie has GREAT customer service and GREAT returns policy.  For standard sizes, check out their policy here: basically, free returns (minus shipping) within 10 days of receiving.  For custom sizes, if they screw up, they will fix it – if you screw up, too bad so sad 😉 – so just make sure you follow directions and have SOMEONE ELSE measure you (and all your bridesmaids – makes it easier in the end.)
I decided to go with the Azazie Grace even though there was some strange bunching on some of my bridesmaids when they tried on the samples.  We LOVED the dresses we received!! The custom sizes fit perfectly, the style looked amazing on all the ladies, the dresses were high enough in the front (although some showed the back of the bra in the very back), the dresses were all the same color, and they were just overall phenomenal!  The quality is excellent!
IMG_8514 IMG_8516
We also ordered 2 junior bridesmaids dresses and ordered Azazie Scarlett for them, without trying on samples.  The final dresses fit well, however, one dress that was about 5 inches shorter than it should have been!  It was confusing – I have 2 junior bridesmaids, and one is an extremely tall and slender 14 year old, and the other is a normal sized 11 year old.  The dresses ended up both being the right length for the 11 year old.  Oops!  Customer service was great and fixed it with no problems, reassuring me that it would arrive in time.  They did warn me the colors may be slightly off, but we just got the dress in this week, and it fits correctly!  A much better length than the one below!
I ordered ties as well, but have not yet gotten them in.  I’ll update later!
Customer service for Azazie is AMAZING.  I had issues with my address (somehow had the wrong address, so never received an order, they ended up fixing the website so it confirms addresses), issues with an order, and more.  They were very responsive, and I even got to talk to some over the phone so they fully understood my issues!  I can’t sing their praises enough!
All in all, Azazie did an amazing job of helping my bridesmaids have affordable, custom dresses!  I love the styles they have, and they are quality dresses!  I’ll have to post more photos in a little over a month, after my wedding!!!  If you use Azazie, I hope your experience is as amazing as mine!
If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment!
Here’s a picture to show the girls and guys in their matching ties with dresses! Ignore the crazy facial expressions – best one I could find quickly ;).  The boys’ ties were a different fabric, so a bit shinier than the dresses, but they matched perfectly!

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